Pancake Build Guide

  • Add diodes and solder them in. The band (cathode) of the diode goes with the square pad.
  • Tin SMD pads at the top of the backside of the PCB and Solder them on
  • Solder on the Pro Micro \ Feather headers
  • Solder switches onto the PCB
  • Flash your Pro micro / Feather with QMK
  • Solder the pro micro or Feather with the components facing away from the PCB
  • Plugin the Li-Po battery to feather to see if it works (CAUTION! if your lipo does not have the black ‘negative’ lead closest to the USB port DO NOT plug it in as it will fry your feather!)
  • Screw the PCB to the backplate.
  • Throw on some rubber bumpons and Enjoy!